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I'm bold in = I'm unstoppable!
embolden = give someone courage or confidence - $250

Know a Joe from the Bluegrass State? Kentucky Joe is also a beverage made of coffee and bourbon - $300

Low alcohol by volume - loabv - $50

Get in on the low alcohol trend (hard seltzers, twisted teas, etc.) If you remember from chemistry class, EtOH is how ethyl alcohol is abbreviated. - $200 - $100 - $500

Many applications for this coveted six-letter domain - anything that's close and leads to bold action. Near + Nerve = Nearve - $600

Ideal brand name for a business that specializes in IRL - in real life.
Pop up shop = enpersen
Brick and mortar = enpersen
Face to face = enpersen - $750

Perfect domain for sports (horse racing, baseball, etc.), or HR, or countless other uses. pastper = past performance - $900

Dozens of potential uses for this domain - clothing, technology, painting services, etc. It's confident and memorable - - $50

Lots of potential uses for this domain: music and consumer products are just a couple of obvious fits. Even works for health - live life to the fullest, try new things, sample freely! - $150

Spray + Mist = Spryst - $75

Staves is a perfect name for a wine business. If you don't know, staves are the wooden -usually oak - planks that make up a wine barrel. The staves give wine much of its complexity. - $1200

This an ideal name for a home insurance or security / alarm business. Would also work perfectly for an HR / employment / placement firm

Stead = place or role
Strong = powerful - $14 - $14